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Oyster turmeric liver extract with clams

Liver extract x ornithine x turmeric x oysters!Drinker's care supplement

Contains 1mg of the popular care ingredient "liver extract" per 6 tablets a day!In addition, the familiar ingredients "ornithine," "turmeric extract," and "oyster extract" are luxuriously blended.We support the daily refreshing life of those who want to drink.Please use it as a toast companion.

Voice of the person in charge

Ito Chinese medicine's signature product "Oyster turmeric with clams + ornithine" series additional products are newly released at the turning point of the 15th anniversary!We are particular about luxurious prescription by adding ornithine, turmeric, oysters, and clams to the main ingredient of liver extract 600mg, which is a trendy ingredient.Since it was a product that had a lot of trouble before it was released, I am very attached to it.It's packed with the kindness of the drinker, so please use it!

Sales departmentIE

Product development story The person in charge of development will introduce the background of the product's birth with his thoughts.

Customer testimonials

Has a student satisfaction rate of


Yeah, no doubt!

I am using it as a couple.Thank you very much.

Women in their 30s

My husband has been drinking for years.She had forgotten to buy it and didn't drink it for a couple of days, but she realized that it was better to drink it.So I think she will probably keep drinking all the time.

Women in their 50s

Since I started drinking this, I have been able to wake up refreshed in the morning.Thank you very much.I have tried products from other manufacturers, but I can't get a refreshing feeling in the morning unless Ito Chinese medicine is used!

Men in their 50s

I bought a lot of freshwater clams, but this one is the best.

Women in their 30s

Despite being very affordable, the ingredients are excellent.I want you to do your best in the future longevity era.

Women in their 50s

I found a reliable companion.Thank you very much.

Women in their 40s

There is a sense of security in being a Chinese pharmaceutical company.

Women in their 40s

Compared to other companies' products, it is soft and small, so it is easy to drink and I like it!

Women in their 60s

I and my husband are satisfied, so I will continue to purchase them.Please continue to sell.please.

Women in their 30s

Purchaser questionnaire survey / Period: April 2017-August 4 / Number of questionnaire responses: 2021 * Series total
* It is an individual impression, and not all of you can get the same feeling.
* Some of the wording may have been revised.

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About this product

Suggested retail price
1,600 Yen
Internal capacity
120 tablets
JAN code

Estimated daily intake

3 to 6 grains

How to eat

Please drink with water little by little as food.

Main components

Per 6 tablets: liver extract 600mg, ornithine 120mg, curcumin 30mg, oyster extract powder 10mg

Allergic substance

Pork, gelatin * Please check the raw material names except for 28 items.

Nutritional ingredient

Per 6 grains: energy 10kcal, protein 0.66g, fat 0.04g, carbohydrate 1.69g, salt equivalent 0.01g (estimated value)

Expiration Soon


Country of Origin


1 grain weight




Preservation method

Store in a cool place away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.


● Do not take in children during pregnancy and lactation.
● Please consult your doctor while taking medicine or going to the hospital.
● Please avoid large intake.
● Please follow the recommended daily intake.
● If you feel unwell due to your constitution or physical condition, discontinue ingestion.
● Depending on the storage conditions, the odor may become stronger.Please follow the save method.
● Please drink as soon as possible after opening.
● Keep out of reach of children.

Balance your diet based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.


How should I take 1 to 3 tablets a day?
This product is a food product, so there are no particular restrictions.
You can take 1 tablet 3 or 6 times, 2 tablets 3 times, 3 tablets 2 times, or 3 or 6 tablets at a time. Hmm.
Please follow the recommended daily dose and drink with water little by little.
Is there a recommended way to drink?
Since this product is a food product, there is no particular requirement, but it is important that you continue to use it according to your lifestyle.
As an easy way to continue, why not take it at the timing of your daily meals.
Can I use it with other supplements?
Avoid using it in combination with other supplements containing turmeric as it will result in an overdose of turmeric.
I am taking the medicine prescribed at the hospital. Can I take supplements together?
The combination of supplements and medicines depends on each combination.
Please consult your doctor / pharmacist / registered seller.
Why should children not drink?
Please avoid the turmeric contained in this product as it may cause overdose if taken by children.
Children are under 15 years old.
Why shouldn't I take it while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Please avoid the turmeric contained in this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it has been suggested that it may be dangerous to take in large amounts.
Why shouldn't I take too much?
Drinking large amounts of this product may result in excess turmeric.
Please follow the recommended daily dose.
What is curcumin?
A type of curcuminoid, it is a yellow pigment contained in turmeric.
What is ornithine?
It is a kind of amino acid and is contained in a relatively large amount in clams.
Is ornithine derived from clams?
It is not derived from freshwater clams.
This product uses ornithine made by "fermentation method".
What is Liver Extract?
An extract made by enzymatically decomposing pig liver.
Where is the production area of ​​Yamato Shijimi?
Mainly from Aomori, Tokyo Arakawa, Lake Abashiri, Hokkaido, etc.
I have a liver disease. Is it effective to drink?
This product is a food product, not a pharmaceutical product.
In addition, it has been reported that iron contained in turmeric and freshwater clams is related to liver diseases, so please consult your doctor.
What is the difference from "Oyster turmeric with clams + ornithine"?
The type, content and grain shape of each ingredient are different.
"Turmeric with clams + ornithine" is a round grain type that contains ornithine for about 1 clams per day in addition to clam extract, turmeric extract, and turmeric extract.
This product is a tablet type that contains 1 mg of liver extract per day in addition to shijimi extract, oyster extract, turmeric extract, ornithine.
We recommend "Oyster turmeric + ornithine with clams" to accompany the toast, and this product to those who want to take care of their daily health.
Please use it according to your preference.
Is there anything different from the existing product "Oyster turmeric liver extract with clams"?
We reduced the amount of oyster extract and curcumin contained in the product, and increased the amount of liver extract and ornithine, which are the concept ingredients of the product.
For the freshwater clam extract and oyster extract, we are particular about domestic ingredients, such as using Yamato freshwater clam and oysters from Hiroshima.
In addition, the package design has been significantly redesigned.