Product development story

Sticking to profits
Curcuminoid 100 mg.
* Per day (stained oyster turmeric + ornithine)

Oyster turmeric series with clams

From the development of non-profitability to popular products.

In 2005, we at Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical were holding their heads.The cost of the new product under development, "Oyster turmeric with clams (* Currently," Oyster turmeric with clams + ornithine "), did not match the selling price no matter how I adjusted it.It was around the time when the curcuminoid component contained in turmeric began to attract attention, but most of the component content was about 1 mg per day.However, we were particular about the content of "curcuminoid 30mg (per day)", which is higher than that of existing products.In the end, we decided to sell at an interest rate that would not normally be possible.

Since then, thanks to our efforts, we have received the support of our customers, and it is now the most popular product of Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical.Nowadays, clams are also gaining popularity as a supplement material, but not so much at that time.The content of curcuminoids and the selection of such materials may be an adventure in the first place.But it's all about reading the needs of our customers and putting their health first.I feel that the commitment to the product was not wrong.

Planning and Development Department R & D Group


It has been constantly improving for over 15 years since its launch.

The "Oyster Turmeric with Clams" series, which has been loved by customers for a long time since its release, has continued to evolve in response to customer needs.One of them is "Oyster turmeric liver extract with clams", which was developed in response to the growing need for liver extract.As for the liver extract, there were many drink types that can be taken only once, but the cost-effective "Oyster turmeric liver extract with clams" is easy to consume every day, so it has the advantage of supporting health more easily. had.

In 2021, the base material will be renewed to a higher quality one.We were able to switch from Hiroshima prefecture oysters to oyster extract and domestically produced Yamato freshwater clam extract.Of course, if it is made in Japan, that is not enough.In search of materials that are as nutritious and reassuring as possible, we went to see the oyster farm and the harvest of freshwater clams with our own eyes.Good quality materials are costly, but we are proud that we were able to carefully select really good ones without compromise.We will continue to work on improvements and renewals in order to pursue better products.If you have a hard time the day after drinking too much, are feeling sick, or want to take care of something, please give it a try.

Introduction of developed products

You can take "turmeric", "oysters", and "shijimi" in one.
For a fun adult time!

Oyster turmeric series

"Oysters" and "Shijimi", which have been grown with plenty of nutrients from the ocean, and "Turmeric", which contains the blessings of the earth, have been combined into one. Contains 3 mg of curcuminoid per day.We support happy adult time and healthy days!

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