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Brand slogan = Message that we want to aim for now based on our organizational philosophy and action philosophy.Everyone involved in distribution and sales.And we who make the product.I want to make each "mind" into a "shape".I want to respond to as many people as possible and increase the number of smiles as much as possible.And share the joy with the people you think are important.That is the wish of Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical.

Watch the video Ito Chinese medicine

Introducing a special movie about "Omoi" for manufacturing by Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical.

Organizational Philosophy = Aim as an organization

We aim to work hard with each other and share joy and emotion with our customers through our work.

Action Philosophy = Three Actions to Achieve the Organizational Philosophy

  • Customer first

    Customers are people who want good health.
    Take action that puts the customer first.

  • Legal compliance priority

    Follow the rules of society at all times
    Take the best action for you.

  • Quality improvement supreme principle

    Thinking about what the customer wants, its quality,
    Take action to constantly improve.