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All to create excitement for our customers.

There is a saying that "leaving money is below, leaving work is medium, leaving people is above", but I also hear the expression "leaving emotion is the best".Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical aims to create the "best" impression of customers.Depending on the type of job, the business partner in front of you will differ, but in the end, if the product that faces the customer is not good, all relationships will collapse.Therefore, at Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical, we are constantly working to create high-quality products under the slogan of "customer first".

The accumulation of small proposals creates products from the customer's perspective.

Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical manufactures a wide variety of products, but recently, improvement proposals have been made from the site where OEM denture cleaners are manufactured on a contract basis.At the factory, there is a section where a certain amount of tablets in a sheet are stocked and then packed, but there was a system in which tablets were dropped from a height of about 12 cm and stocked.One employee who saw it suggested laying a rubber sheet, saying, "Maybe the impact of the fall may cause cracks in the tablets."Of course, it is natural for a manufacturer that "tablets are not broken", and there have been no cases of cracking in the past.However, the employee thought, "I don't want to make customers feel uncomfortable by any chance. By completely preventing cracks, I want to eliminate the possibility of cracking in the distribution process."It may be a small suggestion.However, I think that the accumulation leads to the creation of products that do not forget the customer's perspective, and is the reason why many customers and companies choose.

Always look forward and walk together.

I would like people who will join the company to make suggestions and make suggestions about what they have noticed and questions.On top of that, being able to work in collaboration with the people around us will be the value of the individual, which in turn will lead to an increase in the value of the company and products.In other words, while focusing on the development of human resources who are "upper", we aim to be "best" and impressed.I think this is what Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical needs today.
After joining the company, there will be times when things go wrong.However, I think that it is important for both individuals and the company to serve as a self-reliant person without being disturbed by happiness and unhappiness, as in the case of saying, "Bad fortune is like a roaring rope."We hope that you will come to someone who can always look forward and have a hard time together, rather than being upset or floating.


Tatsuo Ito