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Soft capsule edition

Soft capsules wrapped in a gelatin film are the best shape for fat-soluble raw materials.

We emulsify the raw materials, fill them in capsules, pass through a tumbler dryer, and check for liquid leakage by shelf-type drying.After that, irregular shapes are sorted by a large and small sorter, and the polishing process is completed.Check each grain by automatic inspection machine or visual inspection to see if there are any defects in the bond or shape of the coating.

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Hard capsule edition

It is a shape that can be mixed with powder raw materials in a high ratio.

The contents are filled in a hard capsule made from gelatin of animals and plants, the powder is thoroughly removed with a luminer, and then metal detection is performed.The finish is visually inspected to see if the capsule is dented or tight, and if there is any foreign matter on it.

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Tablet edition

The most popular and suitable shape for powder processing.

Mix the ingredients evenly with a V-type mixer.Since it is molded by applying pressure to the powder, it may or may not be suitable depending on the raw material.You can also adjust the size and thickness of the tablets.
The finished tablets are visually inspected as necessary to check for chips and foreign matter.

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It is a shape that is excellent for molding highly viscous components.
Both powder and liquid raw materials can be processed.

The manufacturing method is to first make a ball (tama) that goes inside, called a sogan, and then coat the ball with sugar raw materials.The sogan part is kneaded firmly with a kneading machine to make a perfect circle ball.Since a lot of water remains, dry it thoroughly by shelf drying and then sugar-coat it with sugar-coated bread.For finishing, we check whether there is any defect in the shape and whether there is any foreign matter attached by human eyes or machine.

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Since the granules have fine particles, they are easy to drink for both the elderly and children.It is also possible to make it easier to drink by adding flavor.

By adding water at the time of mixing, it becomes moist clay-like, and by passing the clay-like material through a wire mesh like a tokoroten, it becomes a thin noodle-like shape, which is dried with a fluidized bed dryer, and conditioned with a vibrating sieve. The grain machine prepares each grain and finishes it.

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Packaging / packaging

Fill the sachets with tablets, soft capsules, granules, powders, etc.

The material of the packaging is often composed of aluminum, which has a high barrier property.
The heterogeneous packaging machine can put 7 different types such as soft capsules, hard capsules, and tablets in one bag.It is an effective sachet when you need to take multiple dosage forms a day.
There are various packing machines such as stick type that can eat granules and powder deliciously.
You can select according to the usage scene.There are various packaging methods for products.A wide variety of products are available, such as packaging in bottles or zipper bags.

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Hygiene management / quality control

At all work sites, change clothes to prevent foreign matter from entering the work clothes.
Wrap yourself in a hat, mask, work clothes, and work shoes.

After changing into work clothes, use an air shower to blow off foreign substances adhering to your body.It also cleans your shoes through the adhesive floor sheet outside the air shower.
After entering the work site, use an adhesive roller to clean the work clothes and work hat.
After washing your hands with the cleaning solution for the specified number of seconds and method, put on work gloves and disinfect with ethanol to complete the process.