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Isomaltooligosaccharide syrup

Usage scenes such as breakfast
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Isomaltooligosaccharides made from plant-derived starch are not only gentle on the body, but also have a milder sweetness than sugar.Above all, it is a material that is deeply popular as a material that supports bifidobacteria.In 2006, Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. worked on the development of a large-capacity product that can be used without hesitation so that this isomalt oligosaccharide can be easily consumed on a daily basis.

After all, we were particular about the packaging in the development of "isomaltooligosaccharide syrup".From the desire to make it easier to use on a daily basis than other supplements, we have focused on a design that conveys that it is a "normal" product.For example, one of them is to put the image of breakfast in the package. We have devised a way to easily convey the usage scene of "put it in coffee etc. at breakfast".
I also tried to make it easier to understand the content of isomaltooligosaccharides.In general isomaltooligosaccharide products, the content is often expressed as a percentage, but this is not the total content but the ratio to the "sugar composition (carbohydrate)".Therefore, we have taken care to convey it as accurately as possible by displaying "per sugar composition: isomaltooligosaccharide 50% or more * sugar composition = carbohydrate".

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Adjusted many times in search of the best package.

Personally, it was the first time I was in charge of packaging materials in the form of shrink-wrapping bottles, so I had a little difficulty in designing.Since we had to design in anticipation of shrinkage of the packaging material due to shrinkage, we took time to set how to assemble the letters while conducting a shrinkage test.
Also, there are perforations around the cap to make it easier to open, but it didn't work at all in the first sample, and I had a hard time adjusting it.If the perforations are narrow, they cannot be opened well, and if they are too wide, they may be torn during the distribution process.I adjusted it over and over again and settled on the current shape.

It's been over 15 years since it was released, and I'm glad that it has been used for many years.We have received many voices from customers who have realized the goodness of isomaltooligosaccharides, such as the taste that is affordable and easy to incorporate into everyday eating habits.Thank you for your continued support!

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A plant-derived sweetener that is kind to the body.
For daily food and drinks

Isomaltooligosaccharide syrup

A syrup derived from a body-friendly plant *.It can be added to drinks such as coffee and tea as a sweetening agent, as well as to dishes and sweets.Support bifidobacteria every day!Please try with various ideas. * Plants: corn

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