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Oobako diet

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In 1994, this "Plantago Diet" was released as a precursor to the plantain boom.This material, which is made by crushing the seed skins of Plantago psyllium, has the property of swelling when water is added.Since you can enjoy a chewy texture, it is easier to get a feeling of fullness by incorporating it into your daily meals, and it is a product that can be useful for adjusting the amount of meals.In addition to being sugar-free and low in calories, 90% is dietary fiber, so it has been popular with young women for many years.

Since this product is made from 100% raw materials, we were particular about choosing the materials. It is possible to purchase high-quality raw materials at low cost through a unique route that makes the best use of the backbone as a "Kanpo-ya".Based on the self-inspection guidelines set by the government, sampling inspections are conducted for each manufacturing lot.By conducting thorough quality control, we are working to deliver safe and secure products to our customers.

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Explosion of popularity by word of mouth.

Since its launch in 1994, we have been continuously working on renewal and improvement of display.For example, the container used to be a plastic bottle when it was first released was changed to a chuck bag that saves garbage in response to the growing environmental awareness of society as a whole.In addition, customer feedback revealed in the customer satisfaction survey is also useful for product renewal.We are making improvements to make the calories more familiar to everyone, such as posting the calories in a prominent place on the package and replacing the photos with reference to the way customers eat them, such as mixing them with coffee or juice.

Thanks to many customers, sales were gradually increasing, but in 2020, sales surged.When influencers such as fitness instructors and YouTubers introduced "diet recipes using plantain diet instead of flour", word of mouth spread at once.It was a time when society as a whole was forced to refrain from living, so the situation where training and dieting with low-carbohydrate diets were gaining attention may have helped.Thanks to you, it is now one of the top 3 popular products in Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical.This is also because there were customers who supported it for many years.We will continue to work on product development that can meet the needs of everyone who has been and will love it.

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Plantain 100%.When it contains water
It is a vegetable dietary fiber that swells dozens of times.

Oobako diet

It is a crushed seed skin of plantain (Plantago, Obata / Psyllium) and is rich in dietary fiber.It has excellent water retention and swelling properties, and it can help you on a diet by taking a lot of water by taking advantage of the property that it swells and becomes gelatinous when it contains water.

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