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To vinegar x healthy drinks.

Binepple Smile

Because it is a diluted type
Adjust it for children.

The "Vinepple Smile" has been fully renewed in 2006 from the "Vinepple" that has been well received by many customers since its launch in 2021. Since the "Vinegar" era, flavors containing plant enzyme extracts have had a high repeat rate, and have been reborn as drinks that specialize in the concept of "vinegar x health ingredients" that emphasizes functionality.

Another major change is the change from a straight type to a diluted type.As a result, the number of drinks per bottle has increased, so it is no longer possible to finish drinking immediately, and we are now able to propose ways to have the whole family drink.In addition, because it is a diluted type, it is also an advantage that it is easier to adjust the taste, such as having children who are not good at sour start by diluting it a little.

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Using customer feedback as a hint
Easy to drink and easy to continue.

However, although it can be diluted and adjusted, I was particular about adjusting the taste of the product.While mixing vinegar well, we repeated trial production more than 100 times to reach the current taste so that even those who are not good at the taste of vinegar can drink it easily.Thanks to that, the entire development team is proud that the taste was very delicious.As for how to drink, you can divide it with water as it is, or you can divide it with beer or milk.We hope that you will try various arrangements and find your favorite way of drinking.

In addition, in this renewal, we also took inspiration from the requests of our customers during the "Bineple" era.For example, we changed from a boxed bottled product to a pet bottle type that is light and easy to carry.It also helped to reduce the amount of garbage at the time of disposal.

From various points of view, it is a drink that is easier to drink and easier to continue. While enjoying various flavors such as "apple cider vinegar," "lactic acid bacteria black vinegar," and "plant enzyme black vinegar," try incorporating vinegar into your daily meals.

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Using 18 kinds of plant materials
Plant enzyme black vinegar drink containing fermented extract

Binepple Smile

A mixed fruit-flavored black vinegar beverage containing fermented plant extracts using 17 types of fruits and vegetables and 3 types of concentrated fruit juice.Even people who are not good at vinegar are particular about the deliciousness that they can drink.Since it is a diluted type, the arrangement is infinite!Please use it for the health and smiles of the whole family.

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