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For "continuation diet"
I was particular about the taste.

Short-term style diet series

Consideration for health and nutrition because it is a substitute for meals.

In the diet food market, where various new products appear every year, in 2013, the needs of customers were increasing year by year for products in the diet alternative category.Meal substitute products are diet foods that can reduce calorie intake by replacing them with regular meals.There were various types of meal alternatives such as noodles, porridge, risotto, and biscuits, but the most popular was Shake.Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical has been developing shake products for a long time, but we decided to work on developing new products that are more delicious and easier to dissolve.

In the development of such meal substitute products, ingredients that support the feeling of fullness are important.Therefore, in "Short-term style diet shake", the natural sugar "Palatinose" contained in sugar cane and honey is adopted.We aimed for a shake that makes it easy to maintain a feeling of fullness.In addition, in order to comprehensively support beauty and health, we have also added the functional ingredient "plant enzyme" and the beauty ingredient "placenta", which have been a hot topic since that time.It is designed so that necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals can be used as a substitute for meals.

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No. 1 in the reader survey of beauty magazines.

Even if you mix various ingredients, no one wants to continue unless the taste is delicious.That is why I was most particular about the fact that it is delicious and easy to drink.Pursuing the taste by repeating trial production and tasting many times, such as eliminating the ingredients that hindered the ease of drinking and dissolving in the conventional product.As a result, although it is an in-house monitor, in the end, we were able to achieve the most "delicious" taste even when compared with various products from other companies (compared with chocolate flavors).
In addition, we have created an assorted product that allows you to enjoy various flavors in one box so that you can continue without getting bored.When you make a shake, you have to divide it with milk, but if you like, you can arrange it with low-fat milk.

Sales are also strong, probably because of the particular taste."Short-term style diet shake lattice", which has newly appeared as a series product, was selected as the first place in the "Diet & Health Award 2021 I want to use <Diet alternative food category>" of the beauty magazine "FYTTE". rice field. I was very surprised and happy to hear that the results of a questionnaire survey by 1 readers.If you want to go on a diet intensively in a short period of time, please try this product first.Even if you are on a slow diet, we would like you to adjust the number of times you eat instead of meals.

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A diet shake that keeps you feeling full and drinks instead of meals.Classic flavor!

Short-term style
Diet series

The feeling of fullness continues!A diet shake to drink instead of a meal.The satiety support ingredient palatinose, plant enzymes, placenta, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals are included to support beauty and health.Drink instead of meals and diet with a program that suits your style! 4 kinds of delicious classic flavors.

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