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For the ultimate needs of dieters
We respond with a particular blending amount.

Diet series even if you eat

The naming of a straight ball that conveys "do not stand".

In the diet market, "diet that does not stand up" is becoming mainstream from a hard diet such as drinking a drink instead of a meal.Therefore, the first product we launched was "Eat and Diet Tea," which is the predecessor of "Eat and Diet." In order to convey the concept of "a diet that doesn't stand up" from the product name, we called on the entire Planning and Development Department to develop the best naming.

I had a hard time naming it, but the fact that "diet tea even if I eat" was adopted from dozens of ideas matches the ultimate need of the target group, "I don't want to eat even while I'm on a diet." Because I was doing it.Although it was well received in questionnaire surveys and retail stores as "easy to understand," its sales did not meet expectations.The main reason is that it was more expensive than other types of beverages that dissolve granule sticks because we were particular about the amount of ingredients such as black oolong tea extract.It doesn't sell well, but the concept shouldn't be wrong.With that in mind, we decided to develop a tablet type "Eat and Diet" that pursued further needs.

Planning and Development Department Product Marketing Group


Utilizing the strengths of Chinese medicine stores, we have achieved the ideal blending amount.

As with "Diet Tea," the ingredients and blending amounts, such as black oolong tea extract, have been carefully selected.Furthermore, we aimed to create a more powerful product by newly blending black ginger extract powder.Especially for black oolong tea extract, the raw material price is high, and it was difficult to achieve the ideal blending amount.However, I was able to take advantage of the strength of a Chinese medicine shop and negotiate with various raw material manufacturers to achieve this.Of course, no matter how much you stick to the contents, you must first get it in your hand. The name "Diet even if eaten" was catchy, but on the other hand, it had an image of being too light, and a package design that increased reliability was necessary.Therefore, while using a chic design based on black as a basis, we made adjustments aiming for a balance that also has the lightness that is accepted by the target young women.

Even within the company, expectations for "Eat and Diet" were high, and large-scale sales were planned, so development was more pressured than usual (laughs).Thanks to you, sales are strong, and series products such as "Eat even if you eat carbohydrates Diet" and "Eat even if you eat slim" are appearing one after another.Even in the product questionnaire, the satisfaction level was high, and I'm really happy to hear the voices saying "I'm glad I bought it" and "Please continue to make good products."

Since I started this job, I have come to feel that the support provided by health foods is "indispensable" for modern Japanese people who tend to have a biased diet.As we continue to develop products, I would like to continue to create products that "make the feelings into shape" for various people.

Introduction of developed products

A diet supplement recommended for people who love to eat and don't want to stand up

Diet series even if you eat

"Eat even Diet" is a product that supports a diet based on healthy eating and exercise.A diet supplement recommended for those who love rice, bread, and heavy food, and those who do not want to eat.A simple grain type that contains 6 support ingredients that are useful for sharpening.Just add it to your usual diet! !!

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