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Carefully selected materials such as maca
Firmly in capsules.

Power Maca 3600

Packed with the power of the Andean land.

Cultivated in the Andean highlands of Peru, South America, at an altitude of 3,500-4,500 m, maca is a powerful plant that stores a lot of soil nutrients even in harsh environments."Power Maca 3600" is a small capsule packed with this maca, which is gaining popularity as a vitality support food mainly for men.Itoh Power Maca 3000 has been developing "Power Maca 2018" for a long time, but in 3600 it will be a renewed product with the maca content upgraded to 1mg / daily.

The raw materials for maca, which is the heart of this product, are carefully selected to have the highest possible concentration after careful investigation.At the same time, arginine, D-ribose, which is said to be good for exercise, and soft-shelled turtle, black garlic, royal jelly, caterpillar fungus, ginseng, oysters, and canca, which are traditional health ingredients, are packed together in a small capsule.We take pride in the fact that this is a material formulation that leverages the strengths of Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical, which has the backbone of "Kanpoya-san."

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I also have a hard time with sticky materials.

Although it is good to mix 9 kinds of health ingredients in addition to maca, it was difficult to formulate them.At first, I was considering tablets, but there were many raw materials that were too sticky, and the stickiness interfered with the manufacturing process, so I could not formulate them well.That's where I arrived at a hard capsule that firmly wraps highly viscous materials.As a result, we were able to create a capsule-type maca food that is easy to consume every day.

Maca may have a strong image of men, but recently it has become popular with female customers.If you want to spend your days in good health, or if you want power when you need it, please try "Power Maka 3600".It is a proud product that is very popular among Ito Chinese medicine.We hope that you will make use of it for your daily health promotion.

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You can take the special maca firmly,
Reliable power supplement

Power Maca 3600

Nine kinds of powerful ingredients such as soft-shelled turtle, black garlic, royal jelly, Cordyceps sinensis (mycelium), ginseng, and oysters are mixed with 3,600 mg of selected maca (raw equivalent per day).For unwavering self-confidence and vitality every day.Easy-to-drink small capsules.

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