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Easy to drink and package.
As a "Chinese shop"
Kakkonto that was particular about.

Kakkonto extract granules

High quality and low price Kakkonto.

As the name suggests, Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical is a company that originally had a wholesale business of Chinese medicine.Currently, we mainly sell supplements, but some of the medicines we continue to manufacture are our origins.Among them, "Kakkonto extract granules" is one of the long-selling products of Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical.

There are a lot of products with the name "Kakkonto" in stores, but as a Chinese medicine company, we are particular about delivering high-quality and low-priced products.Toward that goal, we have been brushing up many times since its launch.For example, at the beginning, we extracted Kakkonto extract in-house, but considering the size of the kettle used for manufacturing, we found that it would be better to outsource the manufacturing to reduce costs.We also keep manufacturing costs down as much as possible by using a 4-unit packaging machine that is more efficient than a single package.

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Easy to understand with illustrations.

We are particular about product display on the package.All pharmaceutical products have small letters and are difficult to understand, but we took on the challenge of easy-to-understand labeling by referring to the customer feedback we received in the past during the renewal.For example, one of them is to raise the level of attention by posting illustrations of pregnant people and babies who need to be careful when taking them with symbols such as "△" and "×".In addition, we have devised measures such as showing the dosage per dose in a diagram by age and printing the minimum required information assuming carrying in separate packages.When it actually became a product, I was happy that the display was easy to see as I imagined.

Kakkonto from Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical is also characterized by having less bitterness and being easier to drink than those of other companies.Some people may have a bitter image when it comes to Chinese medicine, but please give it a try.Kakkonto is sold by various companies, but I think it is a product that has great needs from customers.We hope that you will continue to use it, especially for those who are trying Kakkonto for the first time and those who are not good at the bitterness of Chinese herbs.

Introduction of developed products

For early symptoms of colds, cold symptoms that you want to cure quickly, etc.

Kakkonto extract granules

Kakkonto extract is made into a granule type that is easy to drink.For early colds, nose colds, headaches, stiff shoulders, muscle aches, hand and shoulder pains, and other symptoms of colds that heal quickly. * Class 2 pharmaceutical products

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