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With functionality display
Promote the function of the product.
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Can display functionality
"Foods with functional claims" system.

The package of "DHA2018s" released by Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical in 1000 contains catchphrases "Supporting memory" and "Reducing triglycerides".Originally, these health foods were not allowed to clearly label their functionality, except for foods for specified health use and foods with nutritional function.However, from April 2015, the seller will be responsible for the functionality of the ingredients contained in the product, if it is accepted as a result of the examination by notifying the Consumer Affairs Agency of the material that is the scientific basis. It is now possible to display in.That is the system called "food with functional claims". The catch phrase displayed on "DHA4s" is also based on the functions of "reduction of triglyceride" and "improvement of cognitive function" reported to be possessed by "DHA" and "EPA".In order to obtain approval for such foods with functional claims, it is necessary to notify the Consumer Affairs Agency of the supporting materials.It's easy to say, but it's quite difficult (laughs).

Planning and Development Department R & D Group


Including interaction with medicines
Strict pursuit of safety.

Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical's DHA series originally had a product called "DHA800". It has been a popular product with many repeaters since the time of "800", but with the start of the "food with functional claims" system, it was decided to first report the labeling of "reduction of triglycerides".For that purpose, "DHA 800mg" was not enough, so we decided to renew it to "DHA1000" with an increased content.Various materials are required for notification, but the most important is the material related to "safety". In order to firmly confirm "how much does not harm your health" and "how does it interact with medicines?", After investigating and collecting the relevant materials that are the basis, a method called systematic review is used. I will analyze it.It's difficult, but once the approval is given, it's a relief.

"DHA1000s" is a product that has been renewed by adding a functional display "Support memory" to this "DHA1000". Both "reduction of triglycerides" and "improvement of cognitive function" are functions that are of great interest to customers, so it would be great if displaying these functions would make it easier for customers seeking that function to find them.We hope that it will continue to be used by various customers.

Introduction of developed products

Supports memory (DHA) and reduces triglycerides (DHA / EPA) Functional foods


Contains DHA, which is reported to support the memory of information such as numbers, words, figures, and situations, and DHA and EPA, which are highly unsaturated fatty acids that are reported to have the function of reducing triglycerides.Recommended for healthy middle-aged and elderly people who are concerned about cognitive function and those who are concerned about triglycerides.Easy-to-drink soft capsule. * Food with functional claims (DHA / EPA)

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