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Product development story

Like olive oil,
Pure collagen.

Collagen / Small molecule hyaluronic acid

I chose the most squeezed collagen.

Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical's "Collagen / Small Molecule Hyaluronic Acid", commonly known as "Itocola", was launched ahead of other companies while there are still few products whose main component is collagen peptide.However, now that collagen products have become widespread, there was a voice saying, "Isn't it possible to choose better raw materials?", And it was decided to carry out a renewal.There are various criteria for selecting raw materials such as origin, production area, processing method, taste, odor, and solubility.In order to select the one that everyone can understand, we evaluated 30 to 40 types of samples one by one. The concept of "Itokora" is "Do not use anything unnecessary other than collagen and hyaluronic acid".Since the selected material will come out as it is, I paid particular attention to the taste and smell.I was soaked in collagen every day, and sometimes I couldn't eat lunch (laughs).

The final choice was a pig-derived collagen peptide that is native to Germany.The quality of collagen was also better in Europe, where the pig breeding environment was better.Another point was that most of them were "Ichiban Shibori".When making collagen peptide from gelatin, the one that appears at the beginning is as pure as it is.There is also olive oil called "virgin", but it may be close to that.The members who tasted it also unanimously agreed with the recruitment.

Planning and Development Department R & D Group


Easy to dissolve in water, that is, easy to absorb.

Also, when renewing, we were particular about increasing the solubility.The fact that it dissolves easily means that it is easy to drink and easily absorbed by the body.By adding a granulation process to granulate the powder, the solubility has been greatly improved.This is also a technology that did not exist at the time of its release.In this way, the taste and smell were significantly improved, and a new "Itokora" that was easy to dissolve and drink was created.

The evaluations sent to word-of-mouth sites have changed dramatically.In the past, there was an opinion that "I'm worried about the smell", but after the renewal, the main reviews are highly evaluated, such as "I didn't care at all when I tried it. You can feel free to use it for cooking." To.I was really happy because it was exactly the opinion we were aiming for.It was worth sticking to the selection of materials.Since then, we have continued to work on renewal, such as doubling the amount of hyaluronic acid.We will continue to value the idea of ​​"Kanpo" that brings out the goodness of the materials well, and we will continue to deliver better products without using extra additives as much as possible.

Introduction of developed products

It's simple every day!
Collagen and hyaluronic acid for 60 days on the basis of beauty

Small molecule hyaluronic acid

We are particular about the pure combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid, only the ingredients that we really want.It melts quickly and suppresses the taste and smell as much as possible, so you can mix it with your favorite foods and drinks. Contains 1 mg of collagen peptide and 5000 mg of hyaluronic acid per day.A great deal for 10 days on the basis of beauty.

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