Product development story

The source of odor at your feet
Thorough sterilization with "powder"!
Supports the fundamental solution.

Chris Assist Series

Because it is "powder", it approaches feet, socks, and shoes.

At Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical, we are investigating the needs of our customers on a daily basis. Around 2018, the need for measures against odors at the moment was particularly high.There were already various products on the market, but most of them were to temporarily hide the odor by adding a scent.We wondered if we could develop a product that would lead to a more fundamental solution, and we started the development of "Criassist".

Since this is the first field for Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical to take on the challenge, we have been paying close attention to the details through repeated trial and error.We considered various types of shapes such as cream and spray, but in the end, powder was adopted.If you sprinkle powder on your shoes and put them on, you can approach all three major sources of odor at your feet: "feet," "socks," and "shoes."On the other hand, there was a problem with this shape.If the powder remains undissolved, it will be left on the socks when you return home, which is rather unsanitary.Therefore, while maintaining the deodorizing power, we reviewed the formulation many times to reduce the amount of powder residue.

Planning and Development Department R & D Group


To eliminate the stress of odor from the beginning.

When we asked an external organization to verify the effect of the resulting "Criassist", we were able to obtain a result with a sterilization rate of 99.9% *.I focused on the bacteria that cause the odor of my feet and aimed to completely eliminate them from the root, so this result was the best. Two hours after using "Criassist", ammonia, which causes a toilet odor on the tongue and nose, and isovaleric acid, which has a smoky fermented odor, are both 2%, and acetic acid, which is the source of sour odor. I was able to deodorize 99%.
* Based on test results under specific environmental conditions.Unlike the actual usage conditions, the effect is not guaranteed.

Just by sprinkling it on your shoes, you can get deodorant and sterilizing effects, which has been very well received from the beginning.You were very busy with the increase in production following the increase in production.After that, "Criassist Sweat", which is more specialized in measures against ammonia, has been newly added to the series, targeting those who play sports and those who walk a lot.It seems to be popular in families with children who are enthusiastic about club activities.Foot odor can be a source of stress for you and those around you.If you have tried various things but are still worried that you cannot solve the problem, please try the Chris Assist series.

Introduction of developed products

Finally appeared!Just sprinkle it on your shoes and put it on
Deodorant powder focusing on foot odor

Chris Assist Series

It is a deodorant * powder that eliminates unpleasant odors around your feet just by sprinkling it in your shoes before going out.Contains silver ions with 99.9% * sterilization and antibacterial * effects.It is a bottle type that can be used for any shoes and is convenient for storage and carrying.
* Based on test results under specific environmental conditions.Not all bacteria are effective.

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