Product development story

We were particular about the taste and packaging,
Delicious and easy to continue
Vitamin C supplement.

Vitamin C1200

Sour, heavy sweetness, light sweetness
Pursuing balance.

Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical launched "Vitamin C1998" in 1000 in order to deliver "Vitamin C that can be easily taken anywhere".The granule stick type, which can be eaten as it is, has been popular for many years because it is easy to continue every day.And in 2008, we increased the amount of Vitamin C and renewed it with "Vitamin C1200".

It was the taste that became a major issue in the renewal.Simply "increasing the amount of vitamin C by 200 mg" will make the sour taste so strong that it will not be a taste that can be continued every day.Therefore, with "deliciousness" as the key concept, we repeated trial production many times.Sweetness is necessary to suppress the sourness, but there are various sweetnesses such as "sweet and heavy sweetness that lingers behind" and "clean and light sweetness".We should not be biased toward sourness, heavy sweetness, or light sweetness, so we pursued an exquisite balance with the cooperation of the Planning and Development Department as well as the in-house monitor.

Planning and Development Department Product Marketing Group


Users also evaluated "it can be eaten deliciously without water".

After that, in 2013, we also renewed the package design.There are many vitamin C-related products on the market, so the point was how to convey the appeal of "Vitamin C1200".Therefore, with the cooperation of vitamin C supplement users, we investigated the "attractiveness," "favorability," and "importance points at the time of purchase" regarding the package design proposal.As a result, not only the design but also the catch phrase will be changed drastically.It turned out that the copy of "Vitamin C for 60 lemons" that was originally posted on the package was not highly evaluated by users, but rather the point that "it can be easily eaten without water" was highly evaluated.Vitamin C is quickly excreted from the body, so it is important to continue taking it.That is why Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical has been sticking to "granule sticks that can be eaten deliciously without water" since the time of "Vitamin C1000", and I am very happy to know that users will appreciate it. It was a point.

Thanks to you, "Vitamin C1200" is a popular product with the highest sales volume ranking of Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical from its launch to the present.The repeat rate is also high, and according to the purchaser questionnaire survey, "70% or more have purchased XNUMX times or more."Since it is a granule stick, it is easy to carry and can be drunk anytime and anywhere without water, but it may also be loved that it is easy to arrange it according to your preference, such as mixing it with juice or water. ..I am filled with gratitude.We will continue to develop products that can be used habitually for as long as possible.

Introduction of developed products

You can replenish vitamin C deliciously without water
Granule stick

Vitamin C1200

One bag contains about 1 lemon fruits * of vitamin C.For daily beauty and health.It is a lemon flavor that can be eaten as it is without water.Convenient granule stick type. * 60 lemon fruit 1g

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