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"Is there a long-selling product?"
Overcome a pinch and achieve higher quality.

Aloe moist cream

The difficult problem of "not lowering quality and not raising price".

Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical's "Aloe Cream" is a long-selling product that has been loved for over 20 years since its launch.However, in fact, around 2012, there was a time when it was on the verge of being sold out.Soaring raw materials, materials, labor costs, etc. made it difficult to continue selling at the previous prices. Since it is a product that is loved by many people, we decided to discuss it with the original development members and review the design to see if we could continue to deliver it.But the road was not flat.

The point was "balance between quality and price".If you simply raise the price, you can continue as it is, but the long-selling product is that it has an affordable price.Of course, the quality cannot be reduced.The smooth usability has been highly evaluated by many customers, so if it is impaired, there will be neither a former nor a child. "Raw materials are soaring, but quality is not going down and prices are not going up."In order to solve these seemingly difficult issues, it was necessary to obtain the cooperation of each partner company such as raw material and container manufacturers.

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Higher quality cream than before renewal.

There are three main manufacturing costs: raw material costs, packaging material costs, and processing costs.Raw materials must meet quality standards called "quasi-drug raw material standards", and even if the container is used, problems will occur if the cost is lowered too much.Even if I cleared them, when I emulsified the ingredients to make a cream, it wasn't quite convincing in terms of moisturizing effect and usability, so it was really difficult (laughs).However, if you don't stick to it, it will simply be "cheap aloe cream".Even in the face of various issues, we did not forget our commitment and repeated test production over and over again.In the end, I think we were able to clear the big goal of "if possible, aim for something of higher quality than before the renewal."

This product, which was reborn as "Aloe Moist Cream" in this way, is still used by many customers. I'm very happy to see customer reviews such as "smooth and familiar to the skin" and "used by my grandmother and I also love it".We would like to thank everyone who has repeated us and cooperated in development, manufacturing, distribution, etc.thank you very much.

Introduction of developed products

With a refreshing feel, it prevents dryness and rough skin.

Aloe moist cream

A fragrance-free cream that spreads smoothly on the skin with a refreshing feel.Moderate moisture and oil protect the skin and prevent dryness and rough skin.Keeps the skin firm and glossy for moisturized and healthy skin.

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