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To the waist that you long for!
Petit training taught by professional soccer players
<Abdominal muscles>


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The season when beer is delicious has come!However, if you're not careful, you'll feel hungry, and if you notice it, you'll find a taiko belly ... This time, I'd like to introduce a professional soccer player, FC Osaka's Iwamoto's recommended abdominal muscle training.Practicing from today, aiming for a waist and a six pack !? Even the round tummy of Kuromaru can no longer be called a beer belly ♪

When I'm middle-aged, I start to worry about the tummy that came out in front of me.As muscle strength and basal metabolism decline with aging, if you eat more or lack exercise, your stomach fat will increase steadily.Training is one of the most effective ways to tighten your tummy.Incorporate it into your daily habits and let's worry about metabolic syndrome and say goodbye!


Approaching the upper abdomen and flanks

[First posture]
Lie on your back, bend your knees 90 degrees, and lift your head.
  • Alternately touch your right hand on the heel of your right foot and your left hand on the heel of your left foot.

  • Repeat 30 times as a guide.

Keep your legs 90 degrees.If you can't reach your heels, touch your ankles, calves, or whatever you can reach!


Firmly tighten your lower abdomen!

[First posture]
Lying on your back, align your legs and spread your hands.
  • Keep your feet aligned and straight up.

  • Lower your feet to the point where they are likely to hit the ground, and then return them straight up again.

  • Repeat 30 times as a guide.

When you lower your feet, keep them lightly floating so that they do not touch the ground as much as possible!

Depending on the training method, the part of the abdominal muscle that can be trained differs.Let's pay attention to the part that you want to work.
It is recommended to start from the range you can do and gradually increase the load or increase the number of times.Continue without difficulty and feel hungry!


FC Osaka
Tomoyuki Iwamoto

Graduated from Tokai Gakuen High School-Hannan University and belongs to FC Osaka.He is a defender and his specialty is interception. He is practicing and playing games every day with the goal of promoting FC Osaka to J Leak.His hobbies are watching movies and finding delicious food and shops.His special skill is Korean, which he can speak a little.

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