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For the metabolic syndrome reserve army
For daily health promotion.

Metapro Aojiru

Products that can be easily continued by the metabolic syndrome reserve army.

Since "Metabolic Syndrome" was selected for the buzzword award in 2006, the supplement market for people who are concerned about their stomach has developed significantly. When "Metapro Aojiru" was released in 2013, it was at its peak.Tokuho-based beverages sold at convenience stores were particularly popular.However, it costs a lot to keep using these products every day.For those who are actually suspected of having metabolic syndrome, even if it is an irreplaceable expense, for those in the metabolic syndrome reserve army, I think that a supplement that can be purchased at a slightly easier cost may be necessary. I thought.Therefore, we, Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., have decided to work on product development to meet the needs of our customers, centered on the metabolic syndrome reserve army.

Planning and Development Department R & D Group


The joy of communicating functions directly to customers.

Indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber), which is difficult to digest and absorb in the stomach and small intestine and suppresses the absorption of fat and sugar, was often used in Tokuho-based beverages.Of course, it was an ingredient that should be used in "Metapro Aojiru", but considering that it is a product for the "Metabolic Syndrome Reserve Army", it can also maintain nutritional balance and support healthy body building. I wanted to stick to it.Therefore, we decided to mix 6 kinds of blue vegetable powders such as young barley leaves, green tea, mulberry leaves, tomorrow's leaves, chlorella, and moroheiya.By making it into a powder, we also got the advantage that it is easy to eat every day by mixing it with drinks and meals.

In April 2015, the "Foods with Functional Claims" system, which enables labeling of the functionality of compounded ingredients if accepted by the Consumer Affairs Agency after examination, started. The triple functions of "suppressing fat absorption," "suppressing sugar absorption," and "adjusting the condition of the bowel movement" can now be posted on the package.We were happy to be proud to be able to convey the functionality to our customers, as conventional health foods could not convey functionality in a straightforward manner.

Currently, sales through online shopping are very strong.I haven't put any promotion in particular, so I think it's been selling for a long time based on the reviews of people who actually feel the goodness of the product.I would be happy if I could contribute to the health promotion of everyone.Please give it a try.

Introduction of developed products

Approach fat, sugar and bowel movements
Food with functional claims containing indigestible dextrin

Metapro Aojiru

A food with functional claims containing indigestible dextrin (1 mg per day), which has been reported to have the functions of "suppressing fat absorption," "suppressing sugar absorption," and "conditioning the stomach." It contains 5000 kinds of green juice ingredients to support healthy body building from eating habits.You can mix it with water, milk, yogurt, soup, etc.

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