So that quality and safety are not impaired
We thoroughly manage products even in the distribution process.

Products that are in perfect condition are stored in the distribution center after undergoing a thoroughly controlled manufacturing process and strict quality inspections.We are working on thorough product management in all phases, from product storage to delivery and storefront activities, so that quality and safety are not compromised.

Kenyuki Okai

Product storage

To maintain the quality of the product
Thorough management even in the warehouse.

Product management by sales management system

Products manufactured at the factory are transferred to the warehouse of the distribution center before being delivered nationwide.At Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical, the state in which the product arrives in the warehouse is called "arrival", and it is entered in the sales management system and becomes "receipt".In order to prevent erroneous shipments, we are working to confirm the products with both human eyes and the system so that they can be shipped for the first time.Also, at the time of shipment, we perform triple checks: confirmation of the person who picked, confirmation by the system, and confirmation of the person who puts the tag label at the end.

Efforts to prevent cargo from collapsing and prevent insects

We also pay close attention to the management in the warehouse so that the quality of the products manufactured at the factory with safety and security first is not impaired.For example, in case of an earthquake, we wrap the entire cardboard box in a wrap to improve stability so that the stacked cardboard boxes do not collapse. "Based on the idea that cardboard is also a part of the product, there are cases where it is covered with cardboard to prevent sunburn. At the same time, the warehouse should be kept clean by diligent cleaning to prevent the outbreak and invasion of insects. It is working.

Delivery of goods

A delivery system that delivers products safely and securely to stores.


We also practice traceability as part of our sales management system.In the unlikely event that a problem occurs in a lot, it is possible to track the whereabouts of the products in that lot, such as by what route and where they were delivered.

Utilization of charter cars

There are various methods of delivery to stores and wholesalers, such as pallet transportation and JR containers, with the cooperation of various transportation companies, but charter vehicles are used as long as conditions permit.In order to minimize human error during delivery, it is important to minimize the number of relay points that can be accessed by humans, such as distribution centers on the carrier side.With the cooperation of a reliable transportation company, we thoroughly manage vehicles and actively utilize charter vehicles that can be delivered straight to the delivery destination.

Product supply

Product manufacturing schedule management for stable supply.

Efforts for stable product supply

The sales department also supports logistics as a contact point for product supply.We are working on a project to prevent shortages by making a planned manufacturing schedule while utilizing the POS system so that products will not be out of stock from the store.

Providing product information

Go to stores nationwide,
We will guide you to the correct product information.

Over-the-counter promotion nationwide,
Providing traceability information and brand penetration

Promotional activities that definitely convey product information to the person in charge of each store that actually comes into contact with customers are also an important initiative.Employees go to stores nationwide, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, to provide various information about Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical's abundant product lineup.

Tomo Otosaka

Sincerely I want to convey the appeal of products

The staff involved in product development, manufacturing, quality inspection, and distribution have sincerely created their own products, and through wholesalers and retailers nationwide, we convey our commitment to products and the superiority of quality and evidence, and our customers say " I would like to contribute to spending a youthful, energetic and healthy life forever.
We have a large selection of beauty, diet, health foods, etc. that will please everyone, from children to the elderly.
Through our products, we will sincerely convey to you so that you can make everyone smile.That is our sales mission.

Bringing Japanese quality to the world

It is possible to grasp the actual situation of dealers and analyze customers by category and segment based on market trends, POS data, and IDPOS.
In addition to introducing our own products, we are strengthening sales status (POS analysis) after introduction and total proposals using IDPOS.Although it is still in the process of development, such as what is instructed in which business format and which sales floor can bring about meaningful results, our business goes from Hokkaido to Okinawa in Japan, and we are our company. We will make the best use of the data held by Hokkaido to create better proposals and significance.Recently, the number of overseas people who are looking for Japanese quality products is increasing, and we are also selling them all over the world.